Monday, June 13, 2011

Good Grief.........

I know I sound like a broken record here! I REALLY would love to be one of those bloggers who faithfully slice out a special time each day and dutifully record their blogs complete with beautiful pictures, dates, and feelings. I actually visit a couple of blogs a week who are really that faithful (sigh!)

Unfortunately, I am NOT one of those women................yet!

I begin my day at the crack of dawn and fly from moment to moment and hour to hour. I LOVE being mom and all that it encompasses right now. We spend hours every day making memories that are so precious. Fortunately, I love taking pictures so at some point when I am able to do some more "catch up" posts on my blog I will plop those pictures in. Our lives have truly been filled with so many amazing events and much too precious and special to not blog about at some point. I will be starting some posts like that this summer so I will be able to record some of these special events. Meanwhile.....Summer is in full swing here! Megan and I spent the afternoon at the craft store picking up some fun items for the kiddos to do this summer. We have a wonderful family kids camp planned each week along with some exciting entire family activities. I am so excited! Now.......

Check this picture out of Jesse
And now this one! Notice anything different?
 Jesse was thrilled to get his braces off! The ortho helped him celebrate this great event with a water bottle chuck full of all the goodies Jesse had to give up this past year, popcorn, skittles and all sorts of gooey chewy edibles!
This little guy joined our family May 5 (more about his birth later). Landon Bryce Croxford. Melinda and Jason added their second son and our 5th grandson! Wow!

Uncle Nathan and Landon

Aunt Hallie & Landon

Uncle Joshua and Landon

Big brother Jayden with little brother Landon

Aunt Abby and Landon

Landon with his mommy and daddy, Melinda and Jason!

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