Wednesday, June 22, 2011


 Yes! We found tadpoles and boy was it an unforgettable adventure. Nathan & Joshua loved looking!
We first visited the pond 2 days ago. We met Megan and her boys.....
 Here's a picture of Micah, Megan and Kolton searching for tadpoles!
 Melinda was really good at spotting these tadpoles and ended up with the fullest jar!
 Jayden had so much fun just running around with all the "Big" kids!
 We stayed for over 2 hours! The kids had a ball. 
 Besides finding the tadpoles we were after, we saw frogs and fed ducks! (Actually, I had a ball too! I love the enthusiasm and curiosity of children--so contagious!)

 It's not often I see this little guy holding so still!

We came home happy, tired and very DIRTY! Then the unthinkable happened. Someone, (we are not sure who. You see, we have this invisible person who frequents our home and does unmentionables!) put the jar lid on the tadpole jar and they all died! Now in all honesty, we are really not sure if the jar lid on tight killed them or the sticks and moss we had also put in the jar from the pond.

 Fortunately, Hallie, had put her tadpole in a separate jar with pond water only and that one was still ok.

We decided to get a bit more information about tadpoles and headed back to the pond yesterday. This time we went in the early evening so Daddy could come with us! Just had to pop a picture in of my kiddos very handsome daddy! XXOO

Once again, the pond did not disappoint. We found our tadpoles and then spent a glorious evening at this beautiful pond. Besides these 3 handsome boys, Nathan, Joshua and Kolton, there is a beautiful pelican swimming in the lake behind them on the right side!
Here's a closer look at that beautiful pelican!
 Now, this tree was truly nature's playground. The played and played and played on this tree!
I have some more pictures I will post later on this evening!

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crox4d4 said...

That was a blast! Glad you found new ones!! Hope they are doing well! :-)


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