Friday, April 8, 2011

Kids say the funniest things....

So, I am tucking 5 yr old twins, Nathan and Joshua in bed tonight and we have read a couple of stories and we are discussing different animals so I explain to them about the word nocturnal and how some animals are up at night. I go through a list of animals and they guess which ones are "nocturnal" After doing this for a few minutes Nate turns to me with his adorable, serious face and asks, "Mom, are you nocturnal?"

Man, are these kids cute!

This morning, I hear them in the other room "decorating their beds" (that's what they call making their beds!) anyway, they are discussing what to put on and I hear Nathan say to Josh, "Josh, do you want to be twins today?" Of course, he was talking about dressing exactly alike but hearing him say this just hit a funny bone with me.

I love them all!

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