Monday, August 22, 2011

"The Entitlement Trap"

I love the Eyres! They are an amazing couple with a wealth of knowledge on parenting (after all, they have raised 9 wonderful children) and a willingness to share all that they have learned with so many other people. I have had the great opportunity to hear them speak on several occasions and always go away inspired with new ideas to use in parenting my own children. I am so excited about their upcoming new book,

"The Entitlement Trap"

to be released next month. You can read more about it, as well as an exciting giveaway they are doing, here  and if you want to preorder it and get a great discount, $12 per book instead of $18 when it comes out as I have done, you can use that link as well.

Being a mother is truly my greatest joy. I want to raise children who will learn the power of taking responsibility for their own lives. I know how easy it is to fall into the trap of trying to make things easier for our children because we love them so much and want to show our love for them in many different ways. I am grateful that my own eyes have been opened wider and I see more clearly how damaging and dangerous this attitude of giving our children too much as well as making things too easy, can be. It is far more rewarding teaching our children those concepts of working hard for what we get, waiting and earning our way for the things we desire.

I remember a few years ago stopping by a neighbors house to drop something off and she was doing an assignment for her high school son who was "too busy" to get it done himself!


What is this boy really learning? Teaching our kids true responsibility does take extra time and effort for sure. We may even get some feedback from them that is not very positive (maybe complaining or whining)  and of course, it is often so much easier to just do things ourselves, but having 2 married daughters now and getting their perspective from both the time they were growing up as well as looking back now with an adult's viewpoint, I have learned more than ever how important that extra effort and follow through really is.

Thank you again, Richard and Linda Eyre for your help and support in parenting my family. My husband and I are looking so forward to reading your new book and adding more of your thoughtful and proven parenting insights.


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