Sunday, December 21, 2008

4 Days Until Christmas....Quiet Reflections

Wow! I went to bed last night at 1:30 and here I am up earlier than I want to be. Being up early definately has some advantages however, as I sit here in the quiet (everyone else is still asleep) and ponder this past month or two and the events to take place over the next week and why this is even happening. My life is so busy and full. The days literally fly by as I take care of my busy mostly very young family and then at those moments when they all fall asleep or watch a Christmas video, I find myself quickly surfing the internet for gifts, or opening my "Christmas 2008" Excel program to find out how my plans are coming together. Christmas is coming. I feel the "magic", I watch the "wonder" through my children's eyes, I laugh at the "humor", this delightful holiday is full of and this morning, I am humbled at the very thought of our "Savior", the purpose of his life, and his amazing example of love for others. One Christmas I especially remember an activity that Bryce and I did with my 2 older children. A candle burned each evening as we read excerpts from the bible of Jesus Christ's life and ministry. On Christmas eve, as well as other times of December, we enjoy reading about our Saviors birth, but on this occasion we remembered something from his life each evening with our children. I came across and debated whether my children are too young for this experience, but only for a moment, as I was caught up in the usual happy, busy, sometimes stressful chaos that this holiday season is filled with and my intentions were forgotten...for a time.... but this morning I am again remembering and have decided to do this for the remainder evenings with my family. Of course, I will need to simplify some of the beautiful biblical wordings so that my younger children will be able to understand better but hopefuly I will nurture the seed within each child and they will come to know better and appreciate more fully Jesus Christ. I am so proud of my family. Each one of my children adds so much to my life. Heavenly Father has blessed me richly and I am humbled at his faith and trust in me. I learn from each child different things and my love and admiration and gratitude for them only grows more each day. I'm beginning to hear little voices down the hall so I know it is time to get up and get going with my day. Merry Christmas to all and may your holidays be filled with joy too!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

HO, HO, HO! We were there to see Santa arrive via helicopter Saturday morning

Everyone was excited as we arrived at the mall.

They provided cookies for the kids to decorate and eat while waiting for the helicopterAfter the kids ate their cookies, guess who arrived?? Look below! These faces say it all!Santa was darling with the kids. It didn't take long for them to warm up to him!He asked the boys what they wanted for Christmas. Nathan said a present. Santa made a couple of suggestions and as soon as he mentioned cars--McQueen--he had Josh's full attention!Kolton was also interested in McQueen and now tells Megan that Santa is bringing him a McQueen! Abby just sat sweetly on his lap!Hallie was fascinated by Santa although she stayed her distance. Of course, once the goodies he gave out came into view, she was right up front and center!

The Boomer.....

This is what a husband comes up with when he decides that the roof looks too steep to hang christmas lights on yet he still wants them on his house! Next step, share the idea with a few neighbors and voila.....the price is then right and the boomer is delivered!

My busy hubby in the "boomer"! The lights went up pretty fast and the house looks great!

I really think this is a big boys toy!

The boys loved watching daddy in the boomer.
Here is Nathan!

Again, the boys were mesmerized! They wanted to jump right in and help!

Actually, Jesse did just that!

Once again, Jesse with Bryce in the boomer!

Even Melinda jumped in to give Bryce a hand!

It was a fun night! Bryce is putting up some finishing touches and then I will post our christmas house! The kids are so excited about the lights!


We threw almost all of the babies in together to get them cleaned up for Thanksgiving the next day! They always have so much fun bathing together!

Of course, Abby took her bath alone! Mmm, I love to hug and smell clean babies!

They are so precious!

Wow! What a week! What a great time to once again, count my blessings! I am so grateful that all went well with Megan's surgery! She is doing well although she is suffering from cabin fever now that she can not drive for a few more days!

We had our family all together for Thanksgiving. I spent all morning cooking the dinner. Bryce, Melinda & Jesse helped with the house (you can imagine what kind of shape it was in having been filled with 6 babies for several days!!!! LOL) Well, thanks to everyone's efforts, we got it ready and had a wonderful dinner. We spent the evening together as well. After we put the kids to bed, we pulled out Pit! It was really fun. I sure enjoy my family! They are so great and I love them so much. I am also very grateful for my husband, my best friend, and the love of my life!

Two of my many wonderful blessings!

Mmmm, dinner was yummy! Hallie is such a cutie. She loves to eat and will often clean up after the more picky eaters!

Micah eating his thanksgiving dinner! What a cutie!

The family ready to eat! The Adult table and the Kids table!

One of the many highlights was blowing out the dinner candles! (PS can you tell which one is Nathan and which one is Josh?)

Ha! If you guessed the one blowing out the candle is Nathan you are right! He is blowing them out in both pictures and Josh is over to the right side! (When I posted these pictures I thought the top one was Josh. Melinda pointed out that Josh was still sitting next to the cup! See, even I get mixed up too!)


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