Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I needed more control and this got their attention.....

This road goes all around my dining room, all three walls! 
I have become a big believer in accentuating the positive. Now with that being said, I can tell you right now that it is NOT always easy BUT it WORKS!  I often find myself saying things like, "don't do that", "please get ready",  "go do it right now"..... I'm sure you get the picture. Here's what really works. Instead of telling a child to stop doing something, I simply look for the one that IS following my instructions and point that out instead. For instance, saying the blessing on the food was always a big ordeal getting everyone to sit still, be quiet, fold arms, etc. Now, I will say, "Josh is ready"....and before you know it, all kids are ready. It's AMAZING how much kids want to be recognized for what they are doing right. Well, this is not always easy at first because I will often lose my patience with the ones not behaving and you guessed it, they get the attention so, I hung up this road. Everyone got a car and the road rally began. When I noticed the positive, I would point it out and then move the car forward for that child. This road was a great reminder for me to keep consistent as well as for the kids who wanted to reach the end, where they would be rewarded with a prize in our prize bucket!

There has been a lot more giggling as the frustration level around here has dropped dramatically. Both Bryce and Jesse are on board with me helping these little ones!  I love charts!

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