Sunday, June 26, 2011

More Pond Pictures...

I love this picture of our little barefoot boys, upon a fence they found to climb with their tadpole jar! This is what a mother of boys can expect and they will keep her laughing AND on her toes!


 I love these guys! They are so much fun! They can have fun with just about anything. Imagination at it's best! I often wonder what it would have been like to be a twin! As a mother of twins, I deal with endless slumber parties, (literally every single night), double duty everywhere I go with them because the saying "two minds are better than one" must have been originated by a mother of twins! They think of EVERYTHING! I often feel exhausted chasing these guys around and yet, they make my heart sing with joy and gratitude! 

The first picture below is Josh and the next one is Nate.

 I love this picture of Hallie. She is such a sweet girly girl and yet such a tom boy! She loves princesses, dolls, coloring, bugs, climbing, and anything to do with getting really dirty! 
She also adores her daddy to pieces and  he, of course, loves it!

Abby and her Teddy. 
It's not hard to find a picture of these two pals. We bought Teddy at Disneyland when Abby was 3 months and although his nose is lost, he has been through the washing machine more times than I can remember, his batting is lumpy, and he is very worn, She loves him with all her heart!
We have tried to replace him with a new one, and it's clear (the new one is sitting on a shelf) "Teddy" cannot be replaced!

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