Monday, June 17, 2013

Blogging for memories.....

Years ago I started a blog! I wanted a place to record some memories of our life and family. It was fun and I enjoyed writing about our "happenings". Since then, I have faded away from the blogging world.

Man, I just haven't had the time to sit down, download pictures and write about our events.

I am feeling some regrets. I love reading my past posts. Some of the things that happened I had actually already forgotten about!

I am going to recommit. (I know, I know, I have said that before. I just can't imagine going along and not keeping track of some of these wonderful events. I often stop blogging because I get bogged down by a very special event that I want to blog in a very special way and as a result I end up not blogging for quite awhile. So many amazing and wonderful life changing events have occurred over the years that have not been blogged about so perhaps I will use this post to briefly list them and write more about each event later instead of never doing it at all.

Melinda and Jason were married! What a beautiful and wonderful event. They have since added two adorable little boys in which I had the great pleasure of witnessing each of their amazing births. They live in St. George and love it. We sure miss them and I hope to get down there soon to see them all.

Megan and Weston have moved to Highland and love living here and we of course, love having them nearby. What an experience to have our children, uncles and aunts to their children nephews, all attend the same school as well as enjoy being in the same class together! They too, have added two adorable children (I did get to witness Jonah's birth too) and Peyton (our first grand daughter)

Jesse is becoming very independent and it is bitter sweet that he will be a senior this year in high school. He has some super plans brewing for college, investing and his senior year which I know he will execute and enjoy.

All four younger children have had the opportunity to participate in dance, sports and many other fun events. They are great students at school and I enjoy mothering all my kiddos so much!

you have it in a nutshell! Croxfords have been busy. Life IS so beautiful! Summer is in full force and I look forward to blogging each day about our happenings as exciting or ordinary as they may be.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Last Fall I sent these kiddos to elementary school....




Now the year is coming to an end. Preschool Graduation is in two days for Abby, the other four will finish next week. What a bitter sweet moment. I am looking so forward to "hogging" my time with these kids this summer and I have all kinds of fun plans brewin' away, however, at the moment I am sitting here reminiscing how quickly the time goes by and how much I would love to just free the moment and live with it forever!
I love the Dr. Seus Quote - "Don't be sad that it's over, be glad that it happened!

Thursday, January 3, 2013


...............a brand new year! How I love the renewal of January! It comes right at the most perfect time. First off, the 3 months prior to January are full of the most exciting holidays, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, of course! I LOVE holidays. My kids LOVE we play and celebrate and party and well, we just have a great time! By the time Christmas comes the highlight of this holiday trio, we are just about partied out......Then comes January. A month of winter, quiet, renewal and peace......a time to sit back, relax, ponder, regroup and move ..............


I am so looking forward to this year and the goals and dreams I am working on. My goal, breaking it all down 1 month, 1 week and 1 day at a time! I am surrounded by blessings and I want to take time each day to really reflect on my family and the privilege I have to be a wife and mother.

Life really is beautiful.


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