Saturday, June 6, 2009

CHAOS BLISS <-------------Is that possible, YES!!

Man, here I am finally again! When I started this blog, my thoughts were that this would make a great way for me to journal on a regular basis! I never realized that it would be so hard to get to this! Hopefully as time continues to roll along, I will be able to blog more often. Soooo much has happened - it makes me feel behind on my writing when I think about it so instead of trying to "catch up" I will begin from here and hopefully at some point write about some of the past happenings of this year that I never blogged. So, for today I will keep this simple.

I just cleaned up my sweet 2 year old Hallie. She was crying in her room and when I opened the door she looked up at me with her beautiful deep blue eyes and said "It's wet" pointing to her pajama shirt in which she had just "thrown up" on! Of course, it was on the floor and I got her back in the tub (2nd time tonight) and cleaned up. She seemed ok when I tucked her in. Finally the twins are asleep. I swear they think that the word bedtime is really "slumber party" You would seriously think there are many more toddlers in that room than those two little boys. I'm so glad they enjoy each other so much however, I would enjoy a bit more peace at night after tucking them in. Meanwhile, Abby is easy! I snuggle her for a bit before laying her in her bed and she just looks up at me and smiles and then turns to her teddy and waits for me to tuck the blanket around her and turn on the mobile. What an angel. Jesse is easy too! He likes to play a game or two with me before bed or we crash in front of one of the old sitcoms currently "Hogan's Hereos" and then ready for some ZZZzzz's!

Life is busy and that is truly an understatement. Like this week, the days go from dawn to dusk so quickly and when I finally catch my breath at the end of the day, I wonder what I really got done??!! (The house is often under-cleaned/under-organized, we may have had another "fast food" dinner, the washer runs daily but I still turn around and find loads of laundry each night after the kids baths, and it seems that there is always something I missed picking up at the store in the grocery area (sigh) BUT I wouldn't change this part of my life with anybody. I absolutely love being a mom what an incredible blessing to be able to "mother" each of my seven children. I am so blessed. Someday I know the house will once again sparkle, my meals will be all homecooked and of course I will be completely organized but until then, you may have to step over some toy, or maybe something else, when you visit, but you will find a home that is filled with happiness, chaos and love! TOTAL BLISS!

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