Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's actually quiet!

Hard to believe,I know. I'm sitting here at the table on my computer, eating a bowl of ice cream, ALL BY MYSELF! All four of the little kidlets are upstairs ASLEEP! I separated the twins for naptime today and put Nathan in my room. Jesse is doing a basketball camp at UVU all week so he is gone from early morning to evening. WOW! I actually had some time to work on a book I am making Bryce for Father's Day.

Summer has been great so far. We have spent several days up at our neighborhood pool, (inspite of Nates accident last year we are all enjoying swimming again!) We love the parks, zoo and today we are going to feed the ducks at Gardner Village when the kids wake up! We enjoyed the Ryan Shupe concert with all the older kids, spouses last Friday.

We had a great time!

It was a bit chilly but the weather was clear!

I think I will post a few pics and give a brief update of what has been happening lately.

Megan and I took the 4 little boys to a cute park in Highland. There was a stream that went through the park and the highlight for the kids was to drop sticks in the stream and run from bridge to bridge as the sticks went down the river through the tunnels underneith the bridges!

Of course the playground is always fun too!

Megan and I enjoy the park as much as our kids!

We went to Las Vegas over spring break in April. It was alot of fun. The kids especially loved the dolphins at the Mirage.

We also went to Mandalay Bay and the aquarium was awesome!

Of course the park is a hit no matter what city we are in. This park actually had a huge shaded area over the playground. It was really great!

Melinda and Jason enjoyed Jesse's orchestra spring concert with us. They were married in April and we are thrilled to have Jason in our family. (I need to get the pictures of their wedding off of Bryce's camera so I will post those later) Jesse played a wonderful solo in this concert! We are so amazed at how much he has learned this year on his violin! Ryan Shupe is his violin teacher and he is enjoying violin so much! I'm amazed at how quickly he learns. He's very talented!

Sunday after church on mother's day, this is what I came home to! The kids surprised me with this amazing and very delicious brunch! We had ham, bacon, cheesy potatoes, assorted salads, fruit trays with dips, cinnamon rolls, norwegian pancakes, veggies, cakes, cookies and even a chocolate fondue! YUM! I enjoyed it so much. Bryce gave me the most beautiful mothers ring. All seven little birth stones tucked in the a darling twisted band with diamonds. I'll have to post a picture. It was an amazing day having everyone together of course, was the very best part. THANK YOU AGAIN EVERYONE!

Jesse is on his 3rd basketball camp this summer. This week it is at UVU! He loves basketball which thrills Bryce since they both have that in common. Bryce coached his team this past spring. It was great and I love watching this sport. ;o)

Bryce and I went met my siblings and spouses (except for Nanci and John whom we missed!) in San Diego and we played, relaxed and visited all weekend! It was so much fun! We all enjoyed it so much I'm sure it will become a more regular occurrance! It was the first time Bryce and I have left the younger children since the twins were born 3 1/2 years ago! We loved having a few days together but did miss all the kids.

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