Friday, April 3, 2009

April Fools....

I love to play tricks, however, I was rather mild this year. I switched the cereal packages for breakfast. As Jesse was gettting ready to leave, he showed me a couple of essays he wrote to turn in because he wants to try and get into peer leadership at his school. I noticed a couple of typo's and volunteered to fix them for him. He was worried about getting to the bus in time, so I told him I would drop it off. After he left, the fun began....

His essays were well written and thought out. Here's mine...

Leadr Essy

Being a leader is to be some1 who can tak charge of a group & push them backward in a good way. Like everything else in the world it can be a good thing & a bbaD thing, depending on the animal. *Without leadrs in this earth, we would soon be lost and confused, becausezx goooood leaders try to do what is best with what they R doing & always try to work hard two accomplsh the bESt for anyone. Crappy leaders don't have that objective. There just plain crappy!*A good leader should also set A goooood example & wrk hard to inspire others. If that doesn't work, they should just forget it!
*******By Jesse Croxford's Mom

The second essay was titled - (I added the parenthesis, hehehe)

What I Can Do To Help The School

(If I Feel Like It)

You don't have to be a student Council or a teacher to make a difference in this school. *You can make a difference just by being late EVERY DAY and entering each class with alot of noise and maybe have some music on etc. also, speak out during class time, don't bother to raise your hand becausee that is sooo elementary schoolish and your middle school teachers will appreciate your assertiveness.. take your little brothers and sister to school and give them permanent markers so they can decorate the wall (just like they doo at home) Ringing the fire alarm each week at some random time will really help to shake things up as well as help your peers will get out of the tests or assignments they didn't finish that day. encourage others do the same things here and add to the list and you will definately have ALOT OF FUN while learning.*******By Jesse Croxford's Mom

I took them to the school and told the office ladies what I was doing. They let me hide behine them in a room with the door open and called him down to the office. They told him that I had dropped them off and to look over them and make sure they were ok. Why didn't I bring a camera??? The very serious look on his face was so funny! I watched him reading them and when he finished I heard him telling the ladies that he didn't write this. By then, I couldn't hold it back anymore and burst out laughing!

Thanks for being such a great sport, Jesse and giving your mom a good laugh! I'll have to come up with some more tricks for next year! Any ideas anyone???

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