Friday, June 12, 2009

Mommy/Daddy date with the twins....

We had a great time! We took the twins with us up to Ogden today and on the way home decided to stop for dinner. Jesse stayed home with the girls. (Basketball camp is now over and he was pretty worn out!) Anyway, we stopped at the Cheesecake Factory. It was so fun to have just the two little boys this time. It seemed like such a breeze not having to keep busy helping so many little bodies. Here are some pics of our wonderful evening.

Bryce with the boys outside waiting for a table to become available. You would not see girls waiting like this!

Last minute coaching on what IS good behavior in a restaurant!

They brought Joshua and Nathan their own bread/banana plate. The boys were completely thrilled as they unwrapped the napkins and discovered four pieces of silverware each (including their own butter knife which is a forbidden at home!)

Soda is a treat! Nathan loved all this independence.

Joshua especially loved the brown wheat bread and when they brought their order of chicken fingers complete with ranch dressing and celery, Josh discovered that he LOVES celery drenched in ranch dressing! It was finger lickin' good <-------the ranch dressing that he managed to get all over his fingers!

A few ladies a table over were completely entertained watching these little guys. They spoke to us when they got up to leave. The boys were talking about Halloween and gladly showed these
women their scary Halloween faces...

This is Josh's "Scary Spider man Face" and . . .

This is Nathan's "Scary Bat Face" (Most of the family have this one memorized as Nathan loves pretending often that he is a scary bat!)

We love our little sons!

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Mackenzie said...

Those little boys are RIDICULOUSLY cute!!


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