Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Family Picnic In The Park! (It doesn't get much better than this!) Also, HiIlary's and Brian's wedding and the end of school!

Today it is summer! Our weather has been crazy this year going from very cool or rainy days and then back again to warm and sunny! Today was a warm, and sunny day! We did have a little rain this afternoon but only sprinkles that was followed by a beautiful, double rainbow! The entire family decided to eat at our neighborhood park. We picked up KFC and spent the evening playing together. It was so much fun. Have I mentioned how special and wonderful my family is? Each one with their unique personalities. I am truly blessed and I can't think of a better way to
spend a family home evening!

We celebrated Brian and Hilary's wedding on Saturday. The temple ceremony was beautiful and the weather for their party was great. Everyone had a wonderful time that evening. We are so excited for them and welcome to the family Brian!

Jesse was happy to see school wind out. They had a fun field day and he received a special award
for exceptional academic performance for the past 3 years! Hooray Jesse!

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