Monday, June 9, 2008

Weekend Fun, Pony Express Days and the Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband concert

Saturday was Eagle Mountain's Pony Express Days! It began with a parade in the morning so I packed breakfast and off we went. The kids were delighted. Many of the people in the parade were throwing candy so that quickly replaced the breakfast I packed! That afternoon, we headed over to the park and there were all kinds of rides set up there! All the kids loved this car ride!
Hallie, our little charmer!

Kolton-what a cute expression!

Nathan and Joshua our future hot rodders! (hmmm, two boys with driver's licences at the same time? Now that's a scary future thought!

While we were waiting in line to ride some boats, Nate disappeared! YIKES! We quickly looked around and then found him! He was on the boat! He climbed in with a little boy and was riding in the back. Before we knew it, he was crawling over the seat in the boat to ride in the front seat because he wanted to ring the bell so......

Here is Nathan in the backseat and....

Here is Nathan in the front seat now, ringing the bell!

The rest of the little ones on the boat!

Kolton and Hallie back in the cars!
Jesse with Micah!

Vroom! Motorcycle fun with Kolton and Nathan!

Our sweet, little Micah!

Melinda and Joshua on the Merry Go Round!

Guess who?

It's Jesse!

We laughed our heads off on this ride! (Mary, Jesse, Weston, Megan)

This is how we get around! We call it our baby limo!

We all had a great time!

Friday night, we got sitters for the babies and the rest of us went to the Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband concert. It was at the Sandy Amphitheater. They put on a great show and we enjoyed it so much. Of course, we had to pick up their new cd after the show. (we missed Grandpa this year! We ran into him at this concert last year! Here's to wishing him a speedy recovery!)

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MelindaC said...

oh how cute mom! lol your blog is looking better and better! im glad we figured out the backrounds! lol but i dont see the post you said you had put on today?! maybe i am just still retarded when it comes to this.. anywho love it all! :-)


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