Friday, June 13, 2008

Ordinary Days (ordinary?)

The past few days have been ordinary. As I sit here and think about what my ordinary is I decided to write about it! Monday both Hallie and Jesse had a Dr. appt. I packed up all the kids and off we went! Megan was already there because Micah had an appointment right before ours. She stayed and waited and there we were - 2 adults, 1 very helpful 11 yr. old and 5 babies! That's ordinary for us! Megan is potty training Kolton so she was back and forth to the bathroom. Jesse and I sat in the office and tried to keep our herd tame! We pulled all the goodies we could think of out of our black bag to hopefully keep the kids out of the garbage can, magazine stack, cupboards, etc and from opening and closing the door. Goodies, like juice, fruit snacks and animal crackers. I felt panicy when the goodies were gone. Reading stories to babies in the ever so facinating Dr. office doesn't hold their attention for more than 30 seconds! Dr. Zollo came in (he is so kind, gentle and patient) Hallie was given her checkup and objected loudly to the entire ordeal! I have never seen her cry like this for the Dr. She usually doesn't mind at all. She sat on my lap almost the entire checkup. By the time we left the Dr.'s office we are all pretty drained! (maybe frazzled is a better word!) Pizza was our dinner tonight. (pizza is pretty much a staple around here!)

Other ordinary days include park visits, old disney cartoons on, outside play and walks, drives in the car, playing with toys, puzzles, games etc., favorite stories which are Green Eggs and Ham, Chicka, Chicka, Boom, Boom, and the never old Frosty the Snowman! (of course, I have all these books memorized and can recite them in my sleep!) Speaking of sleep, that is something that is not as ordinary around here as I would like! With summer sun being up so much later, everyone goes down later! The summer sun that goes down late is also up early like our crew! Mornings use to be all mine! I have always been an early riser -- until lately! ;o)

It's going to be warm today and I just might try the neighborhood pool! Hmm, I wonder if swimming will be added to our ordinary summer day fun! I'll let you know!

Although my days are definately busy and most of the time I wonder where they went, I could never imagine my life right now any other way. I love my family, my life and all my ordinary days!

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