Saturday, February 20, 2010

YIKES! Where is this bear?

When Abby was 3 months old, she took her first family vacation to Disneyland! This Teddy Bear was her souviner! She LOVES it! She sleeps with it every night and when she isn't feeling well, we just whip out the bear and all is well!

Well, needless to say, this bear has taken quite a beating. He has been through the washer/dryer many, many times and dragged around the house, yard, dr. office, well you get the picture. The nose is missing, he is stripped of his original clothes but he is so soft and cuddly. He needed replacing badly. He is not easy to replace since you can only purchase him at the Disneyland gift shop.

Well, a couple of months ago, I found him on Ebay. I bid and won this beloved bear! She slept with and dragged around 2 teddies for a bit, but did adopt the new and much better looking teddy. Yesterday, the teddy went with us to the dr. office (immunizations were due) well, last night, we went to tuck Abby in bed and guess who was missing? You guessed it and boy was Abby sad! She cried and cried! Luckily we hadn't thrown out the old teddy so we were able to surface him and satisfy her immediately, BUT he is frightfully "loved" (you can maybe imagine what he looks like) and hopefully Monday, when the dr.'s office is open, we will be able to locate her new teddy.  

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