Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'm Embarassed!

I'm just sitting here surrounded with noisy, joyful, ever so busy, children! Coaxed in to eating dinner by bribing them with dessert...homemade chocolate chip cookies. YUM!

OK I'm back to writing this. Just got everyone tucked in and picked up a bit and as I was doing all that I realized that I spaced out Abby's 18 mo Dr. appt this morning! For some reason I thought it was tomorrow morning. Now, you may think, oh well, no big deal, everyone has their moments -


this is the 2nd time this month I have spaced her rescheduled appt and I will have to re-schedule it for the 4th time since her original appt had to be missed due to her having a really bad cold! (that one I called on the phone and cancelled!) Ugh! Sometimes I fear I'm losing it! My mind, that is. ;o)

Of course, I'm kidding but I really do have to think of some great way to help myself remember important appointments. Ironically, Jesse pointed out to me that I have been forgetting some of these things since I switched from wall calendar to my really cool ipod calendar app. Maybe I should just use my ipod for the games, games for my kids that is! Pretty expensive toy for them although it was worth it's weight in gold the past two Sundays during Sacrament meeting! (I wonder if they make LDS game apps for kids so I don't have to feel too guilty when I pull this out in church!)

Well, I suppose I ought to sign off the computer and see if I can get some of my housework/laundry done while Bryce and Jesse are gone and all is quiet around here at the moment or....

...maybe I should just go hop into a hot tub and take a quiet uninterrupted bath! Ahhhh! ;o)

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