Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Counting Life's blessings

Megan called Sunday evening and was feeling strange pains. We chatted a bit and then she decided to head to the emergency room. They (Wes & Meg) dropped their kids off on the way and by then she her pain had greatly intensified. We finally got a call at 2 am Monday morning with the conclusion from the many tests they had ran on her and Megan had a tumor (not cancer) on her ovary. They scheduled the surgery for that morning and we all waited. Bryce left the house around 5:30 am to help Wes administer a blessing and not long after around 6:45 she headed into surgery. The surgery was a success. When the doctor removed the tumor there was another small one behind it which he removed as well. A small part of her ovary was removed as well but he assured her that it shouldn't affect fertility. The surgery was a laparatomy. She spent the day recovery with Wes by her side and was sent home last evening.

When something like this happens, I am reminded once again, of the wonderful blessings that we continue to experience in our lives. She was so lucky to discover this now before it twisted and caused far more problems. There were no complications from the surgery and all is well at the Stewart's and Croxford's homes! I am so grateful for the power of the priesthood in our lives. What a huge blessing. I am grateful for family! Everyone here jumps right in to help out! I am so lucky to have a family like this - Another blessing! I am sitting here reflecting the events of yesterday and truly my heart is full of gratitude to our Heavenly Father. Before all this happened I was feeling a bit stressed because my house was in disaray, my shopping was not as far as I had hoped, and I have been feeling very tired, then something like this happens and perspective is once again restored and all of the sudden those things that seemed so important to me seem very small!
Thanksgiving is in 2 days and I am so grateful for all my many blessings. I am praying for Megan's speedy recovery, and looking for to my days filled with little people and their silliness. I will have to post some pics as I'm sure we will experience an extra dose of the already craziness we live in and love! Wes is dropping Kolton and Micah off on the way to work today! The house is still quiet, Jesse just left for school and I am going to end this post and quickly get myself some breakfast before I tackle my busy herd today! Happy Thanksgiving week to any who may read this post!

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jaci said...

what a scary thing, mary. thanks for letting us know the news. i am so grateful everything is okay. good luck with your busy household!!


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