Sunday, November 2, 2008

Already Another Month Gone By..Time to catch up for October, Disneylan,d, Halloween etc.

October was a blast! We had so much fun in Disneyland! The entire family went. We rented a house in Huntington Beach and spent 3 wonderful (excluding the few meltdowns we know we are bound to have with 6 babies on board) days in the Magic Kingdom, as well as a fun day at the beach. Where do I begin?

We left for California Friday, October 10, and drove to Vegas where we spent the night at the Smith's home! (Thank you Smiths) We drove in to California the next day. The house was perfect. Four houses down from a beautiful park. Bryce had purchased a GPS from Costco before we left and I will gladly be an advocate for this wonderful technology. You drive right up to wherever you are going! It's sooo easy and you can locate anything in your immediate surrounding that you are looking for, gas stations, grocery stores, entertainment, hotels (for an emergency night's stay on the way home when you are in the middle of nowhere and your twins start throwing up in the car. Will get to that later!) Anyway, it was great.

Now, I have to say that I CAREFULLY researched a great time to visit Disneyland because I wanted to go during a time where crowds would be thin. I talked to people on websites about October etc. We then picked our days and began our adventure. Not one person remembered to mention that Columbus day would be a crowded time to visit the magic kingdom there were over 54,000 people there! Luckily the other 2 days were not as crowded as this. Needless to say, we spent a great deal of time at Toon Town with the toddlers and the other kids went over to California Adventure where it wasn't nearly as crowded. It was a good day anyway, and we were lucky enough to get to see the beautiful firework show which is really, truly magnificent! I've never seen anything quite like it.

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Wendy Kremin said...

Mary I love your cute family! I miss you and want to have a really good visit with you. Do you and Bryce want to go to dinner sometime? We could come down there. I am sorry that I haven't been able to see you more. We are going on 3 years living here and have only seen you 3 or 4 times! We need to do better than that. What a beautiful family you guys have! Love,Wendy


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