Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wow, we have been busy......then had sickies all week long!

Boy, here I am again and a month has gone by since my last post! So many things happen each day. I hope I can be better about writing them down.

We made these cute little crafts for St. Patricks Day this year. The kids had so much fun, especially painting!

We made a few larger ones to give away.

March has been fun! The Leprechauns visited our house while we were gone to MOPS and the kids loved all the silly messes they made. Pictures were crooked on the walls, the bed mattresses were tipped up, furniture was strewn around etc. They even dyed our milk green!

The weather continues to fluctuate from in the 70's yesterday to waking up to a snowy morning today. (I am tired of snow and yet I have to admit it looks beautiful outside!)

The kids have had so much fun in the yard this month. I LOVE spring! We flew kites yesterday for a bit. So much fun.

My sis flew in from San Diego this week and so I have spent some time with my siblings. We enjoyed catching up so much! How lucky to have a great family. We are in the beginning stages of planning a cruise for next summer. That would be so much fun. Bryce and I haven't done anything like that for quite some time.

The family spent a couple of weeks with the stomach flu. Almost everyone got it but luckily Bryce and I managed to dodge it this time! (knock on wood) Poor Jesse was out of school for over a week. He will be very busy when he get back this Monday.

This is a pic of the kids showing me a clever way they discovered to carry their favorite stuffed animals!

This is a picture of them showing me their "cool" looks!

Well, I post more later. I haven't been taking as many pics as I use to. I need to get going on that again. I am so sorry I didn't even get one pic with my family together! Had my camera in my purse and just forgot :o(  Oh well! I'll catch them next time.

I love this weekend. I am looking forward to General Conference today. I always feel so inspired and uplifted when I watch it.

This is a picture of our Valentines Dinner. We had heart shaped pizza, YUM!

This was our Valentines Day Breakfast! We had heart shaped toast, Valentines milk and cereal. Mmmm!

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