Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Boomer.....

This is what a husband comes up with when he decides that the roof looks too steep to hang christmas lights on yet he still wants them on his house! Next step, share the idea with a few neighbors and voila.....the price is then right and the boomer is delivered!

My busy hubby in the "boomer"! The lights went up pretty fast and the house looks great!

I really think this is a big boys toy!

The boys loved watching daddy in the boomer.
Here is Nathan!

Again, the boys were mesmerized! They wanted to jump right in and help!

Actually, Jesse did just that!

Once again, Jesse with Bryce in the boomer!

Even Melinda jumped in to give Bryce a hand!

It was a fun night! Bryce is putting up some finishing touches and then I will post our christmas house! The kids are so excited about the lights!

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