Sunday, December 21, 2008

4 Days Until Christmas....Quiet Reflections

Wow! I went to bed last night at 1:30 and here I am up earlier than I want to be. Being up early definately has some advantages however, as I sit here in the quiet (everyone else is still asleep) and ponder this past month or two and the events to take place over the next week and why this is even happening. My life is so busy and full. The days literally fly by as I take care of my busy mostly very young family and then at those moments when they all fall asleep or watch a Christmas video, I find myself quickly surfing the internet for gifts, or opening my "Christmas 2008" Excel program to find out how my plans are coming together. Christmas is coming. I feel the "magic", I watch the "wonder" through my children's eyes, I laugh at the "humor", this delightful holiday is full of and this morning, I am humbled at the very thought of our "Savior", the purpose of his life, and his amazing example of love for others. One Christmas I especially remember an activity that Bryce and I did with my 2 older children. A candle burned each evening as we read excerpts from the bible of Jesus Christ's life and ministry. On Christmas eve, as well as other times of December, we enjoy reading about our Saviors birth, but on this occasion we remembered something from his life each evening with our children. I came across and debated whether my children are too young for this experience, but only for a moment, as I was caught up in the usual happy, busy, sometimes stressful chaos that this holiday season is filled with and my intentions were forgotten...for a time.... but this morning I am again remembering and have decided to do this for the remainder evenings with my family. Of course, I will need to simplify some of the beautiful biblical wordings so that my younger children will be able to understand better but hopefuly I will nurture the seed within each child and they will come to know better and appreciate more fully Jesus Christ. I am so proud of my family. Each one of my children adds so much to my life. Heavenly Father has blessed me richly and I am humbled at his faith and trust in me. I learn from each child different things and my love and admiration and gratitude for them only grows more each day. I'm beginning to hear little voices down the hall so I know it is time to get up and get going with my day. Merry Christmas to all and may your holidays be filled with joy too!

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