Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Quiet Morning Thoughts....

Another 4 months gone by and boy my life is full! I'm sitting here in the wee hours of the morning (5:00 am) I've been up since 3:30! I went to bed around 10:30 last night and was so excited to get a complete and full nights sleep. (I've been so tired lately) and yet, I just can't sleep! So why fight it?

Outside I hear some birds chirping. It's so dark and morning still beckons me! <---I'm trying out my poetic side!

My life is rich and full. We have been so busy and this winter has been full of many changes for us.

Jesse will be registering this afternoon for his junior year in high school. He has vacillated back and forth about the many choices in classes and what will be fun and benefit his future. I am so proud of him. He has straight A's right now with the exception of one class (he missed for and SEOP) Wow! What a great accomplishment. He saved his money and purchased a long board last week. He is having so much fun with that. His brothers think that is really cool especially Nathan. I can always count on Jesse. He jumps in whenever and wherever he is needed with a willing heart. What more could a mother ask? He is kind and sensitive to others and a whole lot of fun!

Nathan and Joshua love school, Beyblades, stories, wii, long boards, biking, any kind of outdoor play and their family. They are clearly best friends and yet very individual, confident, friendly boys. They had their first dentist appointment last week and boy what an adventure! The whole office fell in love with their curious, inquisitive personalities. They have loved school this year and are learning so many new things. They are not fond of dogs or bedtime. They are funny and love to try new things.

Hallie is so sweet. She loves playing with small toys, purses & bags, babies, running and playing around outside, bugs & cooking with mom. She learning quite a bit too and enjoys being on the computer with her Upstart program. She is very excited for Megan's upcoming new baby due next month. She is always looking around for items for the baby! She loves playing with her siblings and of course, still ADORES HER DAD! She has given the phrase "Daddy's girl" a new meaning. She's the easy one to tuck in at night and goes right to sleep!

Abby is so much fun. She too, loves the great outdoors! She enjoys playing with her sister, loves her big brothers and has Jesse pretty wrapped. She loves visiting "Rocky", Megan's horse, unlike her next 3 closest in age siblings, enjoys dogs and other pets. She continues to keep "Teddy" nearby and still sleeps with him every night. Needless to say he is looking extremely "loved" these days! She loves stories, Caillou, enjoys most foods, She has a darling little voice. She loves driving the "Dune Racer".

Bryce and I are enjoying our children so much. I feel so fortunate to be close to each one of them. I just wanted to write a few things down to look back and remember these special moments in our lives right now. I relish them.

I love living close to Megan and Melinda. We enjoy getting together so much. We have 5 adorable grandsons between them and will be adding our first granddaughter next month. We couldn't be more delighted. Their husbands are just like our own sons and we are so proud of them all. How great to have grown daughters who have become my best girlfriends!

My life is so full and rich! This past winter, Bryce has been working hard on a new business. He has put in many hours and much sacrifice and it has been full of challenges. I admire his perseverance, commitment, vision and attitude! We will be celebrating our 29 anniversary next month and I am still pinching myself! He is my best friend! We LOVE being together and have SO MUCH FUN! He is the most thoughtful, kind, sensitive husband! I feel very lucky be his wife.

I have so many tender feelings in my heart this morning and just felt the strong desire to write a few things down. I could go on and on and on and on! (and probably will in other posts) but this post will get me started blogging again. This blog, after all, is really for me. A way to journal my feelings and thoughts. I never want to forget these precious moments and feelings. I need to write down more often the sweet and funny things my kids say and I will end this post with one from Hallie........

I was scrubbing the bathrooms and sat down to rest. I was so hot and a bit sweaty and Hallie looked at me and asked, "Mommy, are you melting?"


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