Saturday, December 24, 2011

4 months FLEW by.....

Man, so much has happened that I don't even know where to begin in order to "catch up" so I guess I won't even try. When I stop blogging from time to time, it's because I just get too darn busy and then when I think about it, I am telling myself that I have to put pictures in and so on and so I end up putting it off and then suddenly, like this time, I turn around and 4 months have gone by! So, I have decided instead of trying to do a "catch up" I am going to move forward from here, and what better time than 2 days before Christmas? We had the most delightful party with our wonderful extended family tonight! I love parties with family! They are the best. Santa Claus, himself, dropped in for a quick visit and who can even begin to describe in any kind of accurate detail the sparkle in a small child's eyes when Mr. C is around? It's MAGICAL, truly MAGICAL.

I loved the way Josh waited eagerly with anticipation and practically fell of his seat when Santa called his name. I swear he flew right up on Santa's knee bouncing off the wall!

Nathan was all grins and totally squealed with delight when he was asked to come forward. 

Hallie was all so sweet, shy and girly but bravely and excitedly moved forward to chat with Mr C and.....

Abby, oh dear Abby was just plain shocked! She was delighted from a distance and clearly scared as well. Of course, with dear ole Santa waving a gift for her she popped up


with a little encouragement from me (I grabbed her hand and led her up) I don't even think she looked at him but did manage to sit on his lap. She didn't move once there! So dang cute!

The party was a definate hit! Great food, family, entertainment and games! I am so weary right now, and with Christmas Eve tomorrow, I better head straight away to bed so ..........

Sweet Dreams!

PS I have to mention that all 5 of my grandbabies were adorable too with Santa and like my kiddos went from shear joy and excitement all the way to YIKES, who is this man in red and what is with all this white fluff on his face?

What a great night!

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