Monday, July 4, 2011


It's Jesse's 15th birthday today 7/3 (It is actually after midnight so the blog date is 7/4! We are so proud of all our children but today I am going to post 15 things I especially love about Jesse....

1. He is passionate about everything he gets involved in like Parkour (and Starcraft)! This is Jesse doing a double front flip. He is amazing on the tramp and the ground. He has a lot of natural ability and makes it look so simple! He is also "self-taught"

Jesse doing a back full
2.  He is an amazing brother. His siblings look up to him - both the younger ones and older. He is tons of fun and has them wanting to play with him all the time.

3.  Jesse is very sensitive and loving. I love the all the talks we have. He always notices when I look a bit frazzled and jumps right in without me asking for help or he will offer to babysit or take the kids outside so I can have a break. 
I love how Abby is lifting her legs and Jesse is holding her but you would never notice that with the expression on Jesse's face. See how he calmly just handles things!

4.  He is smart! I was amazed this last term of school when he pulled of such great grades even though he had missed nearly half the term due to illness. Wow! He also makes very good choices.

5.  He is a loyal friend. He doesn't have a mean bone in his body. He is kind to all!

6.  Jesse has a great sense of humor. This kid is witty and has me laughing all the time. He loves to play with and tease his siblings and they are always coming back for more! 

7.  Jesse is confident and persistent. He decides what he wants and he gives it his all.

8.  He is a spiritual person with a lot of integrity. I am so proud of him and the way he honors his priesthood and the decisions he makes in his life.

9.  He is a great fiddler and striving guitar player <------his newest instrument.

10.  He is FAST! (I'd personally like to see him run track!) Jesse has always been really fast. He was nicknamed "speedster" on his baseball team because he literally looked like he was flying around the bases! (He has his Dad's talent on this one!)

11.  He is a good sport. He has little siblings who frequent his bedroom and think that his "stuff" is really cool. (Too bad about the guitar strings, the clock, the blinds....) Jesse is very forgiving of all their curious but unfortunately sometimes destructive explorations!

12.  He is committed to learning how to drive! (Actually, he already has a head start here and I know, because he is so conscientious, that he will be a great driver)

13.  He is very athletic. He is especially good at basketball and, of course, Parkour as I mentioned above.

14.  He is unselfish and expresses his gratitude to me frequently throughout each day.  I appreciate so much the things he notices and expresses thanks for as well as his leadership and example with his little brothers and sisters in leading them into many thank yous each day as well.  

15.  He has a very content personality. He isn't always asking for "more" like many teens his age.

He is such a great blessing in our lives in so many other ways. It would by EASY for me to go on and on and on! 

We are so grateful to have such a Fantastic son. 


crox4d4 said...

Couldn't agree with you more about Jesse! Wonderful blog n I'm very lucky to have a little brother like Jesse :-)

Mary Croxford said...

He's lucky to have two great older sisters too!

Megan said...

Lovs you, Jesse! Darling post, Mom. I love the trampoline pictures!


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