Monday, July 11, 2011

4th of July! We have the greatest neighborhood!

It began with the neighborhood parade. The kids had so much fun decorating their bikes the night before! We were up bright and early the next morning. Then it was time for lineup!
Hallie was so excited!

Abby rode in the bike trailer behind my bike! She found these "cool" sunglasses and decided she would make them part of her parade attire!
Josh (above) and Nate (below) waited patiently for the parade to begin! If you look closely you will notice that they both weaved ribbon into their helmets, an idea they thought of by themselves!


Uncle Sam showed up for the occasion with this darling clown!

There were lots of riding lawnmowers and 4 wheelers all decorated patriotic style!

We had a cute horse rider.

We had a royalty float!

We had LOTS of kids riding their beautifully decorated bikes!

We were led out by a group of boy scouts from our neighborhood.

We even had our very own grand marshal (who later talked about some experiences he had serving our country!)

Our Spectators were supportive and fun! Some of them threw candy at us!

Of course, what's a parade without a few mishaps!
Good thing, Dad was right there to put Nathan's bike pedal back on!
 The parade ended at the "White House"! Actually, it was the White's house............
Everyone settled in for a wonderful flag ceremony.
Some wonderful speakers.

It was so enjoyable and very entertaining.

After that, we all enjoyed a delicious breakfast! YUM!

AND while we ate breakfast, we were entertained by, our very own from our neighborhood, uprising new group, "Dyer Highway" (you can learn more about them Here! ) These guys are awesome! Tel, Tiann and Mady Dyer, all siblings! You can also check out some of their music on You Tube like this song!

The kids got to play and had so much fun while the others relaxed and chatted.

We all had a great time!

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