Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pajama Days

The cold virus hit our home after christmas and all the kiddos at one time or another ended up with a fever for a day and the sniffles and coughs! I actually managed to dodge this one this time, so lucky! Anyway, this is what many of our days were like between the holidays, pajamas! I love pajamas. So comfy, and cozy! You get to wear them all day and then you just change before bedtime into a clean pair! voila! Abby isn't wearing bottoms in this picture because it is easier for her to go potty without too many layers while we are just hanging at home. She decided to potty train herself! I always heard about this but never lucked out until now. She has been so easy to train! What a blessing after our dear sweet Hallie who was the opposite and really didn't care for quite a while! I'm done with diapers, a milestone I truly won't miss, considering that I have had between 1 and 4 children in diapers for the past 5 years!

Today we got out of the house and went to a couple of libraries to visit the story times and then to Costco to shop. It was a very nice day, no hurries and no worries! January is a very peaceful month. It has been very cold this year. We did get out last week and go sledding at a nearby park. Even though the temp was around 27 degrees, it was sunny with no wind so it really didn't feel cold. We went in the late afternoon before Jesse got home from school. Bryce was home working so I put Abby down for a nap and took the other 3 kids. They LOVE sledding. It was so much easier this year because they could all manage their own sleds and really liked doing that. We will definately do this again soon. Maybe in a couple of days. I will get some better pictures then. I'm off to get ready for bed!

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