Wednesday, August 18, 2010


OK what is it about teenage boys that they can think of the most unbelievably crazy activities all in the name of fun! My goal, as a mother, is to keep these boys SAFE and ALIVE!!!! Well, with that being said, I received a phone call Monday afternoon -

Spencer: Sister Croxford, Jesse just fell and he's hurt and freaking out!

Mary: I clarified with Spencer where he was and what happened and luckily Bryce was home so I quickly explained to him and left him with all the little ones playing in our backyard and headed a few blocks away.

I found poor Jesse laying on the parking strip grass in pain and pretty out of it. A few of our ward member (some were adults) were there thank goodness and we all tried to figure out what was wrong. I tried asking him what happened, what hurt (his shoulder and whole left side of his body, and his head. I asked what happened and he didn't remember. His eyes mostly remained closed with some quiet groans of pain! I tried to help him into my car but when I started to lift it was clear he was in too much pain. I needed my hubby to come and help me decide quickly what to do. Spencer and another friend Tiann, took off in the golf cart to our house to take over babysitting until Megan could get there (I had called her after arriving at the accident to see if she could come and she said yes) Bryce came as soon as Spencer and Tiann arrived at our house. Jesse asked me several times what had happened....

Jesse was on his rip stick holding onto a rope and being pulled by the golf cart (the latest and greatest trick) anyway, he wiped out! Unfortunately he wasn't wearing a helmet (which actually had been a topic we had discussed just a couple of nights before this happened) the neighbors had helped him off the road to the parking strip and that's right before I arrived. Bryce and I decided after trying once again to move him coupled with the idea that he was really pretty out of it still, to call for more help to get him to the hospital. Bryce and Brother Anderson gave Jesse a Priesthood blessing. An ambulance came and took him to American Fork Hospital Emergency.

They did some xrays, a cat scan and this is what we found out......

Jesse had fallen on his left side, broke his collar bone and had a bunch of road rash all down that side.


The bump on his head had caused a mild concussion as well as a brain contusion.

Poor Jesse! Dr. Glade decided to admit him for a 24 hour observation to make sure that the bruise on his brain would heal OK. He told us that first night would be really painful since they were unable to give him a strong pain killer because they didn't want the side effects of a drug like that masking what he would be feeling so they would be able to correctly assess his confusion level etc. He was given over the counter Tylenol!

That night was really awful. Bryce and I were up with him all night. He was extremely nauseated, his head hurt really badly,his shoulder, hip etc hurt, he didn't remember what happened at first wasn't sure where he was etc and was very sleepy. When he was moved to his room from the emergency room he woke up for a bit and was able to chat with the Dr. and some visitors, Spencer and his mother, Melinda, Jason and Jayden (they came in with balloons, treats and a cute card). He had also had a couple of visitors in the emergency room, Brother Lay and Brother Kendall. (we have an awesome ward) I ran home to get some stuff for the night and Megan gave me some pictures the little kids had made for Jesse.

As the night continued on, the nausea got really bad as well as the pain. Finally at 3 am they gave him a stronger pain medication. His nausea continued and they gave him some medicine for that. Finally at about 4:30 am. He fell asleep. Bryce and I shared a cot in his room and we all slept for about 2 1/2 hours. Fortunately, Megan and Weston stayed at our house with our children so we were able to stay with Jesse. Tiann had stayed all through the evening with Megan and helped her get the children to bed as well as helped clean up in my house. Oh, how I appreciated everyone who helped out! What a blessing!

Jesse was able to come home the next day in the early evening.

Bless his heart. Spencer had left balloons and goodies on his bed because he had left to go out of town. He had also gone over earlier that day and watched the kiddos for a couple of hours to help out Megan, Tiann stopped by and also brought him something. What thoughtful friends! We had many phone calls and stoppers to see how Jesse was doing. We were so amazed at the thoughtfulness extended!

Jesse is doing very well. The second night was much better than the first and each night and day continues to be better. A week has past now and he is amazing. I know it's because of the wonderful blessings of the priesthood, his faith and the great care he received from all who helped him. I am so grateful for his safety and once again counting the many blessings I am showered with.

So.....once again......All is well at the Croxfords.


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Adri said...

Oh, Jesse! So, so sorry about your traumatic injury. Hope you are in tip-top shape soon!


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