Sunday, October 25, 2009

3 1/2 months gone by....

WOW! I haven't been on the computer very much lately. So many other things to do. I guess I will take a minute on this post to briefly "catch up"!

July was busy and full of summer fun! We spent a week at Bear Lake with all of the Croxfords and had a blast. My kids love the water. We went boating one day with just our family, spouses & grandkids and Jesse learned to wakeboard! I am so proud of him. I did too, barely! I can't wait to do this again. Everyone had a great time all day at Yuba Lake.

August, again, full of warm summer fun, parks, zoo, and, of course, house hunting! We found a wonderful house in Highland Utah and moved here the end of August. We LOVE it here! Our neighborhood and ward is truly wonderful! What a blessing. We had a very warm welcome, Jesse has met tons of new friends and loves school (as well as you can at 13!). The little kids love having a large yard. (we have 1/3 acre compared to the .18 or so we had at the last house.) We have fruit trees and a garden in the backyard so we also were able to enjoy tomatoes, raspberries, strawberries, peaches & apples, YUM! The kids loved picking them right off the tree.

September we began by welcoming our new little grandson, Jayden Jason Croxford! What a cutie. All went well for the delivery and recovery and Melinda and Jason love being parents to their little sweetie. We also blessed our little Abby this month and celebrated her delayed 1st birthday party. We had to put it off because of the move and also wanting to share this special event with our other extended family members. Abby is so cute! She is taking her first shaky steps this month. School is going well with Jesse. Megan and I tried to do Joyschool with the boys but decided to revisit this idea in a few months. They are more interested in running, jumping and playing than too much focus type activities. They do love art and I am using some time each week to do art and some manipulatives, shapes and basic preschool learning with them. It's fun!

October is beautiful. I love the view of our beautiful maple tree in the backyard, all red! The kids love playing in the leaves, Jesse has had fun with his friends, night games, air soft gun games, etc. The scouting program is very organized in our ward and so that makes scouts alot more interesting and fun as well.

We celebrated Hallie's (delayed) birthday last week up in the canyons surrounded by nature gorgeous fall beauty and the kids loved making hot dogs over the fire.

Sure hope the weather holds up for us to do this again because we all had so much fun together.

Cute couples!

Josh's hot dog caught on fire! Of course, this became a game and all the kids wanted "fire" hot dogs.
These little ones are game for anything!

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