Thursday, March 4, 2010

From Sunshine to Snow!

YESTERDAY was beautiful. We spent all afternoon flying kites! Meg, Wes and the boys dropped by and we all had a great time. At first the wind was inconsistent and the kites swooped and dived but then it smoothed out and the kites were fine - that is until one kite "flew away"! The kite left was enough to keep the kiddos, busy, sharing and having a very fun time in the yard. Boy, I absolutely love days like this! What fun!

TODAY winter is back! That quick! That's how it is here in Utah! I have to say, the weather painted a beautiful picture outside. I just love it! I'm hoping that we will get enough snow and it will stick long enough to build that snowman I have been promising the kids! We'll see how it all comes out tomorrow!

Poor Jesse woke up feeling sick this morning. Fortunately, by early afternoon he felt well enough to hit part of school. He has tomorrow off because of teacher workday. We were hoping to head up to Bear Lake but I guess we will stick around home this weekend. See if we can get some family games going or something else fun!

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