Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thank goodness the kids are all getting better...

Wow! What a week and half. I never knew kids could get so ill. I am so grateful that each child is getting better, we managed to stay out of the hospital and amazingly, Abby was the one who was the least sick! Did I say that right? I am operating here on very little sleep. I hope I can "catch up" on that this week! I braced myself for her to be the most ill with her being so young and knowing how terrible this virus can be. Poor Micah was in the hospital for 4 days last winter when he had the virus. This time he managed to stay home although, he is on oxygen during the night. Poor Megan is pretty exhausted too! We are just so happy to see the kids feel better each day.

Bryce and Jesse are putting the final touches on their overnight Camp Klondike plans which will be tomorrow night. (Brrrrr, sounds cold, although I think they have it all covered with a new tent, heater, cots, good socks, snow pants etc. etc.) Hope it all works the way they are planning. They seem pretty excited. They will be up at Jordanelle. I can't say I envy them. I will be looking forward to sleeping in my warm, cozy bed with the heat turned up! I'm so glad they get to have the time together.

Valentines was great. Bryce and I went to a dinner/dance at Thanksgiving Point. We haven't been out on a date on Valentines for years but we planned this one and got all ready and out the door. When we arrived, we noticed that this was a semi formal affair which we had not planned on. All the men were wearing suits and the women were in really nice dresses. YIKES! We had dressed very casually. I was even wearing levis! Well, we immediately turned around when we saw this and went back to the car with the intention of driving home to change our clothes but then realized that if we did this, we would probably miss dinner as well as most of the rest of the evening so.... we marched right back in and had a wonderful evening!

Well, I will post more this weekend and get some more pics uploaded. I think for now, I will head to bed and see if I can start "catching up" on some much needed sleep!

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Wendy Kremin said...

Hi Mary! I wish we could have gone with you. It sounds like it was a lot of fun. Maybe next year. We need to go to lunch again! I'm glad the kids are getting better or at least it sounds like it.
Love you! WEndy


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